Ragtime, Blues & Jazz for Banjo

34 skladeb a písní pro banjo: Abilene, Behind The Eight Ball Blues, Betty And Dupree, Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home, Brown's Ferry Blues, Bully Of The Town, Careless Love, Chilly Winds (Lonesome Road Blues), Cleopha, Down But Not Out Blues, Elite Syncopation Rag, Five String Boogie Woogie, Frankie And Johnny, Gambling Blues, Leola, Maple Leaf Rag, Oh, Babe It Aint No Lie, Original Rags, Ragtime Dance, Railroad Bill, Rising Sun Blues, Smoky Mokes, Something Doing, St. Louis Tickle, Stagolee, Stealin' Stealin', Sunflower, Swipesy Cake Walk, Take This Hammer, The Entertainer, Two White Horses, White House Blues, Worried Man Blues, Yankee Land. Noty, tabulatura, 54 stran.

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